Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Unleash Your True Self: Through Energy, Breathe, Movement, Meditation, Voice

I have designed a new intensive workshop, to be held in Ashland, OR Sept. 29-Oct. 1 (Three full days including two evenings).  I will be teaching my own practice, what have been working best for me over the years, with qigong movements, meditations of different paths, breathe and voice work.  A combination of these practices have been most effective in getting more and more in touch with my own body, and through my body to my true self, my soul's journey in this realm, and my unique expression into this world.

So I welcome you to join me in these three intensive days, to deepen our practice into ourselves and expand our true selves into this world.  

Unleash Your True Self
Through Energy, Breathe, Movement, Meditation, Voice
An Energy Qigong Intensive With Claire GuYu Johnson
Sept. 29-Oct. 1 (Three full days including two evenings), Ashland, OR
For workshop registration: Taylor at or 541-512-2569Lodging and limited camping options nearby are available. $395, $325 returning students of ZY Qigong.
  • Emotional turmoils are our soul’s on-going record for a chance to grow and to expand.
  • Not facing it or trying to control it through the mind creates suffering, and inner conflict.
  • Life has given us the perfect tool to heal ourselves and our relationships: our physical body.
  • The mind may be in the past or future, may tell a story; The body is in the now, in its truth.
  • So let’s dance, sing, move, stand and sit with our body. 
  • Wake up the blind spots, release old holding patterns, feel life force rushing in the vacuum to strengthen and expand our body, our energy and our soul.
  • Feel our beings unfold, become real, and expand.  
  • Let our being ground in our truth, and solidly and firmly move closer to the universal truth.

Claire's gift as a teacher is her strong scanning ability of others, so she can feel and see where one's blind spots may be, where one's most life force is entangled and being wasted or exhausted.  She can sense in which direction a group need to move into, and lead meditative movements to untangle, untie the underlying energy and emotional knots.
Once we see it, feel it, we shed light into the dark.  And it can be healed.
When energy, breath and sense of flow is coherent in our body, it manifests in our lives as coherency of flow, ease of flow.  The practice letting our energy and breath be fully engaged in our body, and can support our physical being and our expression into the world. 
Master teacher Claire GuYu Johnson has personally come through depression and anxiety brought up by severe family and societal traumas.  She has developed this healing process and teaching path, and has been helping others to do so for 17 years.  She has incorporated Taoist, Buddhist and Zen meditations, psychology, energy and spiritual practices around the world in her own practice, and is currently teaching and healing throughout the US, Europe and China.

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