Monday, March 16, 2009


The five liquids that correspond to our five organ systems are: sweat to heart, tear to liver, saliva to spleen, nasal mucus to lungs, white layer on the tongue to kidney. This white layer comes from our bladder yang which changes jing into qi, bringing kidney qi upward.
The Classic says it is best to exercise the body but not to tiredness because sweat comes from the heart. To have a thin layer of sweat all over the body is good for blood circulation. But to sweat profusely taxes our heart and blood system which depletes blood from other organs and body functions. This kind of exercising is not good for our health.

Spicy Food

When people are under lots of pressure or their lives are too busy, they tend to crave food with lots of flavor. Too much salt brings out too much of our original qi and depletes us in the long run. Spice help us temporarily melt stagnation in channels but our body may need more and more in time. This is why lightly flavored food, not too salty or spicy, in the long run is best for wellness and longevity.


To improve nutrition is an individual art. Depending on people’s ability to break down and absorb nutrients, if too much is taken, it not only becomes garbage, it also takes much energy to get rid of this garbage and make these people weaker and possibly sicker than they started. Therefore improving the function of one's organs is just as important as taking nutrition. When one's stomach and spleen function is strong, one can get enough nutrients from the least amount of food, and the simpliest food.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Menstrual Cycle Can Heal Us

March 10, 2009 (In celebration of the International Women’s Day on March 8th)
I finally got it! It’s such a good thing to be a woman, even when we are having our period, even when we are having our menstrual cramps and mode swings. For the first time I understand, wherever I feel pain, my body is telling me there is a blockage. And with the help of the strong flowing of blood each month, I have the opportunity to address these blockages. This could be part of why women tend to live longer than men because our body gives us a monthly check up!
Wherever it hurts, press the points, massage the areas and pound on the achy lines down the legs. It’s likely for many of us that these points and lines are on the liver and gall bladder channels. As soon as they are open, we’d feel a rush of electricity or cold qi run down the channels and out of our feet. Sometime our feet may stay ice cold for a while until all the cold qi the body could push out at this time is gone.
On the emotional end, some of us tend to have outbursts before our blood flows. Some men around us may not appreciate it. But it is precisely these outbursts that show us our suppressed upsets and anger. Like the physical body, these emotional outbursts are also signs that perhaps during the rest of the month we have been blocking, numbing and not dealing with some issues in our lives. Don’t discredit these outbursts as nonsense, rather, treasure this messenger and listen.
We have such wonderful help. If we ignore them, we waste our natural abilities to heal ourselves. Our menstrual cycles are a gift that can help us prevent future diseases such as uterine, ovarian and breast ailments. If we can promptly open our liver and gall bladder channels, we also avoid pent up anger that hurt our liver and destroy our gall bladder.
For many of us, our mind may want to avoid facing pain and doing something to change it because it does not get the body logic. But our body, our heart and soul want it, need it, flourish because of it. We have nature helping us through this process. The pull of the full moon, the push and pull of ocean tides, the pulsation of earth all nurture us women to be fully women. Accepting this natural process, celebrating it allow us to come into our full power as women, and allow the interaction between men and women to be fuller, truer and more profound.